Soledad Compares Her Show To The Newsy Parts Of GMA, Not Fox & Friends

By Brian 

Marketwatch’s Jon Friedman talks to Soledad O’Brien:

  I asked her to talk about the competition. “I don’t watch ‘Fox & Friends,'” she told me. “I don’t have a (basis) for comparison. I compare us to the news portions on ‘Good Morning America.'”

O’Brien, in that simple sentence, drew a line in the sand between the popular chatty show on Fox and American Morning, which Time Warner Inc.’s CNN regards as a newsier show.

Underscoring her TV-news philosophy, O’Brien said: “If you’re here to do Britney-Anna Nicole ‘train wreck’ stories, we don’t have a place on our morning show. But we’d have 10 seconds for Britney shaving her head,” she joked. (An unconvinced media columnist might suggest that CNN isn’t above pandering to celebrities at times, either).

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