So Who’s The Pumped-Up Male Anchor?

By Brian 

“After a year of A.D.D., I also had a huge hunger to be vertical for a while,” Tina Brown says in a Huffington Post entry. Here’s my favorite item on her Ten Things I Learned At Topic A post:

“Make up rooms at cable stations are the TV version of Glengarry Glen Ross. If you sit in that chair with a cape on long enough you will hear the hopes and dreams of pumped-up male anchors of shows with names like Ball Spin and Cash Cow who come crashing through the door looking for a touch up. Sample: ‘My numbers suck so you know what I’m going to do? JUST GO FOR IT! Fuck it! I’m just GONNA BE MYSELF!'”

So which CNBC anchor (or anchors) is she referring to?