Snowmen, Glenn Frey Music and Market Turbulence in Davos

By Brian Flood 

Bloomberg and CNN are joining in on the fun.

Just yesterday we mentioned Fox Business and CNBC are reporting live from the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Bloomberg has also sent a large group, with Tom Keene, Stephanie Ruhle, David Westin and Erik SchatzkerFrancine Lacqua, Jonathan Ferro and Hans Nichols all reporting live throughout the Forum

“It is an original year at Davos. We have our usual deep bench, the weather is perfect, little ice, but the real distinction is the disconnect between CEOs and market turbulence,” Bloomberg Surveillance host Keene told TVNewser. “They’re calm: oil is not their worry, the market vigilantes are wrong. The piano bar is packed like 1928 Wall Street. Barry plays Glenn Frey.”


[Editor’s note: “Barry” is a Canadian entertainer who has become a staple among Davos regulars.]

Meanwhile, CNN’s Richard Quest and John Defterios built a snowman when Quest was finished yodeling: