Snow Vs. Gregory: Fox & Friends & O’Reilly Defend Former Colleague

By Brian 

> Update: 3:39pm: An NBC spokesperson responds: “This criticism has absolutely no merit. David Gregory is a tough and fair reporter, and his job is to ask the hard questions. We stand behind his questioning of the White House, particularly during such an important time for the country.”

On Wednesday, White House press secretary Tony Snow accused NBC News correspondent David Gregory of framing his questions in a partisan way. Here’s the video.

On Thursday morning, Fox & Friends came to Snow’s defense. Johnny Dollar has the video.

And on Thursday evening, Bill O’Reilly supported his former colleague (and substitute host). O’Reilly said NBC “has taken a dramatic turn to the left in pursuit of liberal viewers.” He called Gregory a partisan who “has come to the conclusion that Iraq is a loser and bases his questioning upon that belief. While Gregory may be correct, using loaded questions to bolster his point of view is not what straight news reporting is about.”