Sloan Replaces Ross On Primetime Live

By Brian 

We don’t know the real reasons yet, but here is the official version, from the press release: “In a joint statement, ABC News and Shelley Ross announced that Ms. Ross is assuming new duties within ABC, including developing and producing new programs for ABC News and across all divisions of the network.” (A joint statement between the employer and employee??) “I’m looking forward to developing and producing new shows for both ABC News and the rest of the company as we move into an exciting creative era,” Ross says. 20/20 EP David Sloan has been named the interim EP of Primetime Live.

> Feb. 10: Some staff members have complained about Ross’ management style, saying that it “stifles producers and creativity, that there is no open-door policy and that the show is suffering as a result.”

> Update: 2:30pm: “For the second time in less than a year, hard-driving executive producer Shelley Ross finds herself facing an abrupt change of assignment,” TV Week says.