‘Situation Room’ Brings Ratings Growth

By Brian 

The AP’s Frazier Moore: “The first time you see CNN’s The Situation Room, it might give you a headache. What’s the deal with that array of TV screens, all those images tiled across that video wall? Why is so much happening at once? Where’s the aspirin? Then it starts to make sense, even feel familiar. The PC that’s part of your daily life has now inspired a TV newscast.”

“…Early response to the show seems auspicious for CNN, long a ratings also-ran to Fox News Channel. The Situation Room has brought CNN growth among younger adults, even logging first-place status in the 4-to-6 p.m. time slot in the 18-to-34 demographic. It also seems to have sparked imitations.”

“We’re very flattered to see all the multiple boxes and split screens that our competitors have begun to put up,” Jon Klein says…