Sign Of The Times

By Chris Ariens 

The Emmy award won by CBS’ Lara Logan and producers Jeff Newton and Max McClellan Monday night is a nod to the technological times the networks now live in. Logan and Newton shot the entire story in Ramadi, Iraq with a small DV camera.

The story, Ramadi: On the Front Line, won the award for outstanding continuing coverage of a news story in a regularly scheduled newscast. CBS says “Covering the Iraq war has necessitated extraordinary mobility on the part of correspondents and producers; the camera allows them to do just that.”

>More, from an emailer: “one of the Emmy awards won in 2005 by ABC News was shot on mini-dv, edited on a laptop computer, and transmitted the same day using an Rbgan, all while remaining on location not 300yds from where it was shot. Not bad for a two man team.”