Shuttle: Tuesday Morning Plan

By Brian 

NASA will try to launch the Space Shuttle at 10:29am Tuesday morning. “While some networks say they’ve maintained the same number of staffers as they sent for the first launch, others report scaling back,” Broadcasting & Cable says. Here is the coverage plan:

> Jon Scott will anchor from the Kennedy Space Center on FNC beginning at 9am. Jamie Colby and Rick Leventhal will also report from there. Phil Keating will be in Houston.

> CNN will broadcast an “American Morning” special, “Return of the Shuttle,” from 10 to 11am ET. Miles O’Brien will anchor.

> MSNBC’s “Return to Flight” coverage will be anchored by Brian Williams, with Chris Jansing in a reporting role, ICN says. The cable coverage begins at 7:30am; I assume NBC will cut in at some point…

> ABC News will begin live coverage at approximately 10:25 am ET. Charles Gibson will anchor from NY with Bob Woodruff at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and Lisa Stark at Johnson Space Center in Texas.

> CBS News coverage will be anchored by Bob Schieffer in NYC. Mark Strassmann and space consultant Bill Harwood will be live at the Cape and Lee Cowan will be in Houston. CBS will go on the air around 10:30am “will then remain on the air through the launch, which is currently scheduled for 10:39am CNYT/7:39am CPT, until approx. 10:53am CNYT/7:530am CPT,” according to NewsPath.