Shepard Smith Talks Wisconsin Unions, Using Data From… Rachel Maddow?

By Alex Weprin 

On yesterday’s “Studio B,” Fox News Channel’s Shepard Smith was talking to Juan Williams about the situation in Wisconsin, and Smith had another one of his “moments”:

It’s all political. Isn’t this all 100% about politics?

Have you looked at the list of the top 10 donors to political campaigns in America? Seven of those 210 donate to Republicans, the other three of those 10 donate to Democrats, all unions. Bust the unions, its over…


I am not taking a side on this, I am telling you what’s going on. Facts are troublesome creatures sometimes.

Last night, however, Johnny Dollar noticed that the figures Smith cited don’t add up, and they were apparently only mentioned in one other place: by MSNBC host Rachel Maddow during her appearance on “The Tonight Show.”

If you look at the last election cycle, of the top ten people donating money in that election, seven of them were giving to Republicans, those were all corporate interests and Right-wing PACs and stuff. Seven of the ten were all Right-wing, and the only three that weren’t were unions. So, if Republicans can get rid of the unions, particularly these public sector unions, they can run the table in every election from here on out.

So is Smith a Maddow fan, as J$ asks coyly?