Shepard Smith: ‘I Love Car Chases’

By Alex Weprin 

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith is interviewed by Zap2It’s Kate O’Hare, with a particular focus on some of the more “fun” stories he covers:

“I love car chases,” he says. “We all need a break, and with the knowledge that this person’s going to jail and the hope that nobody gets hurt … I don’t know. It’s fun.” Smith has also been known to repeat a clip showing a black bear falling from a tree onto a trampoline — more than once (adding that the bouncing bear didn’t get hurt). If you want news delivered with a stony straight face and without any personal asides, then Smith might not be your cup of tea…


“I don’t mind bears on trampolines either. I think we can do both. I think you can be a credible source of information, with credibility built up over years and years in a body of work, and also have a little fun.

“I think people understand that. They do it, too. They work all day, and sometime during the day, they’re hopefully going to have a gut-busting laugh. It’s good for us. I try to.”

(h/t J$P)