Shepard Smith Can’t Tailgate without Pimento Cheese

By Chris Ariens 

Kickoff at the Ole Miss – Tennessee game is in a couple hours. And if you find yourself in Oxford, MS for the game against LSU next Saturday, you just might spot FNC’s Shepard Smith.

Smith, who attended Ole Miss but left before graduating, tells USA Weekend he likes to head back for some of the home games and he has some tailgating tips too, after the jump…

Find cover. “An open-air tent provides protection from the elements. When you are shopping for one, make sure you have an accurate count of people so there’s enough room for the food, too.”


ID your leader. “Every party needs a leader who can oversee the day’s events. My friends and family rely on Mrs. Hayney, who leads everything and makes an amazing crab cream dip. She makes sure everyone has something to bring — food or equipment — or a specific duty.”

Pick your pleasure. “Pimento cheese is a must for me, but everyone and every town has a signature item. Gumbo and fried chicken are staples down South. Other places enjoy their burgers or chili.”

Locate the facilities. “Not having a bathroom can put a damper on the day’s activities, so make sure you know where the closest facilities are.”

Quench your thirst. “Whether it is soda, iced tea or a frosty cold beer, everyone needs something to sip on. Depending on the temperature, ice is also an essential part of a successful tailgate experience, but it’s often forgotten.”

Go high tech. “More than likely, there are other games going on. Invest in a portable satellite that allows everyone to watch them. This will almost guarantee that you’ll be the star of any tailgating party.”

Relax. “Surround yourself with friends and family, and enjoy yourself. This is one of the most important parts of the experience.”