Shep Smith Knows Someone Pulled That Damn Brake

By SteveK 

You know the story about the 11-year-old boy who saved his entire bus from danger by steering it away from oncoming traffic when the driver took a bathroom break?

Well the youngster, his mother and his family attorney joined Shepard Smith in Studio B yesterday on FNC, and Shep had it settled he was going to report and let you decide about the matter.

See some kids on the bus have suggested the 11-year-old saved the kids only after he released the emergency brake, a claim the boy and his attorney deny. Smith worked in the question. “Some of the other kids have told their parents, and they called to tell us, that you pulled that brake,” he said. “Did that happen?”

After the boy’s attorney tried denying the claim a couple more times, Smith turned his attention to his overmatched interviewee.

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