Shep Reflects On What He’s Learned

By SteveK 

Esquire magazine profiles FNC’s Shepard Smith as part of its “What I’ve Learned” section, and the candid answers are mixed with several videos of the anchor’s most memorable moments.

“That people don’t understand the difference between Fox’s ‘op-ed page’ and our news is not about me, it’s about them,” says Smith.

He describes his Hurricane Katrina reporting as an example of the divide between the two FNC departments:


When I told Sean Hannity, ‘That’s all the perspective you need,’ I was aware that thousands of people were living on a freeway in 95-degree weather, that some of them needed insulin, and some of them needed baby formula, and right over that bridge those things existed, and they weren’t allowed to go there. That was my whole world. I did not know that the rest of the world had turned this political. How the fuck could they have done that? I was so astonished to get on one of our opinion programs — Hannity & Colmes — and to learn that the rest of the world was apparently thinking of Katrina in terms of left and right, R and D.

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