Shep Ready To Play Ball

By Chris Ariens 

The NYObserver’s Felix Gillette sat down with FNC anchor Shepard Smith late last week, talking football, politics and local news. “I’m very excited about covering politics,” Smith said. “I’m very excited about being at the Super Bowl. But for me this is about Eli and Archie.”

Smith, a Mississippi native, says he’s met NY Giants quarterback Eli Manning “a number of times,” and that seeing him play in the big game is a dream come true. “I’ve been thinking about Eli Manning being in the Super Bowl all my life. I’m probably more excited about this than he is.”

Smith, as you probably know by now, is anchoring Fox Super Sunday, a Fox News production that will air on about 90% of Fox stations around the nation. The two-hour program, from 10am-NoonET, gives FNC a broadcast platform on the biggest TV viewing day of the year just two days before Super Tuesday.