Sharon Hospitalized: Notes

By Brian 

> Jennifer Griffin (right) reported from Jerusalem several times on FNC. A “source close to the prime minister” told her Sharon was on the phone with his brother as he was rushed to the hospital.

> CNN returned to “On the Story” after an update by Gerri Willis and longtime Jerusalem correspondent John Vause. MSNBC returned to “Headliners & Legends” after an update by Alex Witt and a nervous-looking correspondent in Tel Aviv. FNC stayed live, but Brian Wilson interspersed the coverage with other segments of “Weekend Live.”

> By 1:38pm, FNC guest Dennis Ross was analyzing what the illness could mean for next March’s Israeli elections…

> CNN was first to have a live shot from the hospital. FNC and CNN both whipped out the three-way split-screen with the hospital live shot and Sharon on tape.

> Wolf Blitzer took over on CNN at 1:51pm. The coverage was simulcast on CNN International.

> CNN’s Guy Raz was at the hospital by 2:15pm. “There are hundreds of reporters out here waiting for any detail to come out from the hospital ward…”