“Shame On MSNBC” For Imus/Contessa

By Brian 

Some of the comments from e-mailers in response to yesterday’s post about Contessa Brewer:

> “Rick Kaplan should be forced to sit on the Imus set while on the air and take abuse from Imus in person. He had no problem allowing Contessa Brewer to be sexually harrassed and humiliated on air.”

> “No woman should be subjected to the abuse that Contessa Brewser or Amy Robach had to endure while working with Don Imus and his ilk. He purports to be ‘progressive,’ yet he and his crew constantly insult and belittle the women they work with…And shame on MSNBC for allowing such trash on their airwaves.”

> The main reason Contessa isn’t on is because of Tracy Burgess of WFAN, an e-mailer says: “Tracy was always insulting her.”

> “Don’t forget that on Imus last week Charles had a barbie doll with dark hair that sort of looked like Contessa. He took it and had it straddle his mic, then he removed the top and exposed the doll’s bare chest. And that was on top of all the sexual comments.”

> “I agree that Imus pretty much shit on Ms. Brewer (for no apparently good reason other than he and his cohorts apparently felt that Ms. Brewer was imposed on them — to the theoretical detriment of Charles).”