Seven-Year-Old Boy Expresses Admiration For Lester Holt

By A.J. Katz 

NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt appears to have a young fan out in Portland, Oregon. Drew Carney, a reporter for NBC’s Portland affiliate KGW-TV Channel 8, encountered a young boy named Jaden at the Portland airport who was traveling with his family to Disneyland. The two struck up a conversation.

“I don’t really see you on TV that much,” the 7-year-old said to the reporter.

Carney then asked if he had ever seen his KGW-TV colleague Rod Hill, but the boy, out of the blue, said: “No, but Lester Holt….I usually see him more on the news than you.” The boy then walked away.

Carney shouted: “Sir, you know I can probably connect you to Lester Holt.”

Perhaps we are seeing a glimpse of NBC Nightly News’s anchor in the year 2057. WATCH:

Holt acknowledged the encounter in the form of a tweet.