Sean Hannity Doesn’t Wear Suit Pants, And Other Things We Learned From Facebook

By SteveK 

Fox News promoted their redesigned Facebook page throughout The Live Desk this afternoon which now includes several new features, including a series of Fun Facts about some of their high profile anchors.

Some tidbits of info revealed on the site:

• Alan Colmes is “a gym rat” and “a former comedian”


• Sean Hannity “never wears suitpants on Hannity & Colmes”

• Greta Van Susteren “got a ‘D’ in anthropology 1st semester of college”

Also featured are links to ‘friend’ FNC talent and the RSS feed of all blogs. During The Live Desk, Martha MacCallum and Trace Gallagher said they plan to interact with viewers through messages on the wall.

FNC first began redesigning their Facebook page in August.