SCOTUS: TV Expects Immediate Answers

By Brian 

On Sunday’s Reliable Sources, Howard Kurtz asked USA Today SCOTUS reporter Joan Biskupic if it’s disappointing “that television has difficulty grappling with the complexity” of court decisions:

 BISKUPIC: Well, I’ll tell you what is stunning this time around compared to back in the early ’90s and the ’80s. Everybody expects to have the answer right away. How many people have had the time to read all of his opinions, to read what he’s testified to, and to go back through a lot of public files out at the Reagan Library that are available to sort of assess this man?

It’s almost as if with TV and the blog now, both of which I completely support, there is an expectation that we’ll know right away what is he all about. But we won’t know right away…

Here’s the show transcript, including a Jeff Jarvis appearance…