SCOTUS: Round-Up #3

By Brian 

> Judy Woodruff will return to Inside Politics today in her role as CNN contributor, to report on the O’Connor retirement…

> Is this how Fox broke the story?: “Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife, Virginia Thomas, sent out this email to the Heritage Foundation staff earlier this morning [at 9:22am], which was acquired by news agencies,” Raw Story says…

> CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin: “We in the news business are sometimes accused of over-hyping events, but today is really an epic moment in American history.”

> ABC News Radio is broadcasting a one-hour special report on the retirement tonight at 7:06pm.

> “Looks like CNN really is dumbing down their news. It didn’t take them very long to go back to reporting on shark attacks — Kyra Phillips at 1:15 pm,” an e-mailer says…

> FNC’s Chris Wallace: “We saw how different the world is in the 2004 campaign. I would come into my office everyday and get a 100 or so e-mails from various interest groups and, you know, it wasn’t unusual. They were sending it out to their vast mailing lists, presenting their point of view in the race between Bush and Kerry. I can promise you it will be that — perhaps on steroids — in this fight.”