School Board Hero Makes Way for Pres. Obama

By Chris Ariens 

As the cable news channels awaited Pres. Obama in the briefing room to discuss the outcome of the Afghanistan report this morning, two of them listened in on the hero from Tuesday’s shooting at the school board meeting in Panama City, FL.

MSNBC and CNN carried the remarks of Mike Jones, who spent 20 years as a Panama City police officer and now is a safety officer for the Bay District Schools. Jones spoke about how he put a quick end to the rampage of Clay Duke. Jones, who got choked up while speaking to reporters, wasn’t even planning to be at district headquarters on Tuesday: “I wasn’t in the building five minutes and I was in a gun fight,” he said.

CBS News anchor Katie Couric is talking with Jones today for a story tonight on “Evening News.”


When the president began to speak at 11:50amET, the newschannels switched their live coverage to the White House. And while that was all happening on the cable networks, look what was happening on CBS:

CNBC’s Suze Orman was inexplicably on “The Price is Right” giving practical financial advice to contestants during the showcase showdown. Orman Tweeted: “oh I am on Price is Right- right now- wowowow- tune in.”