Savannah Guthrie’s Journey With Jackie Kennedy’s Secret Service Agent

By Jordan Chariton 

The news networks have begun what will be a week of stories about the Kennedy assassination, leading up to Friday’s 50th anniversary.

This morning on “Today,” Savannah Guthrie talked with Clint Hill, who was Jackie Kennedy‘s secret service agent at the time.

Guthrie traveled with Hill back to Dallas, starting at Love Field where President and Mrs. Kennedy landed, then traveling seven miles to downtown Dallas, and ending in Dealey Plaza. Hill was the man seen jumping onto the back of Kennedy’s limousine after he was shot. He tells Guthrie about the deep depression he fell into after the events in Dallas.


On ABC’s “This Week” Sunday, Chief National Correspondent Byron Pitts interviewed witnesses to the shooting, while also speaking with former “CBS Evening News” anchor Dan Rather, who at the time of the shooting was a young reporter for CBS News.

Over on CBS’s “Face The Nation,” Bob Schieffer anchored from Dallas, interviewing President Lyndon Johnson‘s daughter, Luci Baines Johnson, who described her post-traumatic stress following the assassination.

WATCH Guthrie’s report on “Today”:

WATCH Pitts’s report on “This Week”:

WATCH Schieffer’s interview with Luci Baines Johnson: