Sarah Palin to Co-Host ‘Today’ Show

By Chris Ariens 

As we mentioned Saturday, Lester Holt announced on “Nightly News” that Sarah Palin would be a guest on the “Today” show Tuesday. But this morning on Weekend “Today”, Holt said that Palin will be co-hosting Tuesday’s show.

While Palin is not stranger to TV — she had a short-lived career as a sports anchor in Alaska (below) — she has made a career out of hating on what she has dubbed the “lamestream media” mostly through her segments on Fox News Channel where she is a paid political analyst.

And much of her criticism has been directed at Katie Couric whose award-winning interview with Palin in 2008, when Couric was with CBS News, continues to haunt the former VP nominee. The irony of pitting Palin and Couric head-to-head on the two leading national morning shows is just too sweet.


The Palin pick was part of the discussion on MSNBC’s “Melissa Harris-Perry this morning about what stories are real and what are April Fools’ jokes. Harris-Perry asked her panel of guests if the story was, “Real or fake?”

“I hope its fake,” said one, while another chimed in about what we all know: “NBC is doing that as counterprogramming to Katie Couric guest hosting ‘Good Morning America.'”

What a week it’s going to be. Tuesday is primary day in Wisconsin, giving Palin an easy segment or two. (Palin voted for Newt Gingrich in the Alaska primary). See Palin in action as KTUU sports anchor, after the jump…