Sarah Palin: ‘I will continue to speak out. They’re not going to shut me up.’

By Chris Ariens 

Sean Hannity got the first interview with Sarah Palin tonight, nine days after the massacre in Arizona. In the first part, below, Hannity asked Palin at what point she felt she’d been connected to the tragedy. “Right away,” was her response. They also talked about the use of target graphics on her PAC website, and whether she feels she was “singled out” by the left.

“I will continue to speak out,” said Palin” They’re not going to shut me up. They’re not going to shut you up, or Rush, or Mark Levin, or Tea Party Patriots or those who respectfully or patriotically petition their government for change. They can’t make us sit down and shut up.”

Palin’s interview made news on other networks. CNN’s “AC360” had a segment on her comments not longer after they aired on Fox News. In addition to soundbites from the FNC interview, including the use of the term “blood libel” which has touched off a controversy within a controversy, Anderson Cooper also used a clip from Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment the night of the shootings which called out Palin.