Sarah Palin Attacks NBC News

By Alex Weprin 

Former Alaska governor and current Fox News contributor Sarah Palin took to Facebook yesterday to criticize NBC News.

NBC’s “Today” conducted an interview with journalist Joe McGinniss, who has moved in to the house next door to the Palins in Wasilla, Alaska. NBC asked to interview Palin for the feature, but she declined, instead asking the network to run statements, in full, from herself and her husband Todd (you can read the statements on Palin’s Facebook page here).

However, NBC never ran the statement.

NBC broke their promise and didn’t run our statements after all. So, the “journalist’s” sensational claims about us being Nazis went unchallenged. We emailed NBC this morning to ask why our statement wasn’t aired. We were given a lame excuse and told that they would run it tomorrow (after the damage had been done) and that they would be happy to interview me about it (which was their aim all along because journalism today is all about ratings and not about truth).

According to Yahoo! News, the statement came in too late to be included in the show. Instead, NBC ran it this morning.

The original “Today” interview with McGinniss is after the jump

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