Sandra Smith Stops by Martha MacCallum’s Office to Discuss Election Day Prep

By A.J. Katz 

Sandra Smith recently took America Reports viewers to Martha MacCallum’s office (not literally, of course) for a discussion about how the network is prepping for the midterm election night broadcast on Tuesday, and what she personally is looking out for.

MacCallum will be co-anchoring the main broadcast with Bret Baier live from Fox News’ New York HQ in primetime.

“We have even better technology this time around than we had in the past … we’re going through all of the latest Fox News polls; we’re putting it together and crossing it together with some of what we’re seeing in the other polls, including our Fox News Voter Analysis,” MacCallum told Smith. “We’ve been following these races all along and now some of them are percolating to the top and becoming more and more interesting,” said MacCallum, citing Colorado as an especially interesting race.


“I think we’re ready. It’s going to be a really interesting night.”

MacCallum noted various trends the on (and off) air election night team will be on the lookout for, and she says the “female, suburban voter” is a pivotal voter segment in this year’s midterm. MacCallum says she has covered this voter throughout her career, and it’s a segment she feels will flip from Democratic to Republican this time around, citing a recent Wall Street Journal poll.