Sandra Smith Says Fox Biz Will ‘Host a Professional, Informative Debate’

By Brian Flood 

Tomorrow night’s GOP debate on Fox Business Network is arguably the most important night in the history of the network. It’s the first time the 8-year-old network has hosted a presidential primary debate and all eyes will be on the moderators after the controversy that followed FBN’s rival CNBC’s recent debate. The prime time debate will be moderated by Maria Bartiromo and Neil Cavuto at 9 p.m. ET.

The early edition for lower-polling candidates will be moderated by Trish Regan and Sandra Smith at 7 p.m. ET. Smith has been all over the place lately, filling in for Megyn Kelly, co-hosting Outnumbered and reporting regularly across FBN programs. We caught up with Smith for 5 Questions about the crowded GOP field, #oneluckyguy and what she’ll eat in Milwaukee.

TVNewser: You will moderate the early GOP debate tomorrow night in Milwaukee. When is it time for some of the candidates to start dropping out and eliminate the need for two debates?


Smith: Voters will certainly decide that. For now, the GOP field is still deep, and it’s safe to say some candidates have less to lose than others. Expect them to come out swinging Tuesday night.

TVNewser: What will you do during the prime-time debate?

Smith: I will certainly be sticking around to watch. Wouldn’t miss it! The Milwaukee theatre is a beautiful and historic place to settle in and watch a fiery debate.

TVNewser: Do you think Fox Business Network has a chance to really surpass CNBC, at least in terms of respectability, with a strong showing after CNBC’s debate was so heavily criticized?

Smith: We are going to do our own thing. But yes, we have an opportunity to show what we can do with this debate. We’ll host a professional, informative debate about the issues that matter most to the American people

TVNewser: Which GOP presidential candidate would make the best #oneluckyguy on Outnumbered and why?

Smith: Many of them already have been our #oneluckyguy. Jindal, Santorum, Pataki, Huckabee, Graham, Christie, Paul, Rubio… They’ve all brought very unique perspective to the couch and offered a side of themselves not seen in the press. They each seemed to really enjoy it. We’ve invited all candidates, on the republican and democratic sides. Stay tuned!

TVNewser: Any special meals planned in Milwaukee? Maybe the Taste of Lebanon at Sanford or some Kopp’s Frozen Custard?

Smith: The Mason Street Grill at the historic Pfister Hotel is one of my favorites.  Amazing menu, live music and a cozy fire place.