Saddam: Nets Rely On Arab Media Reports

By Brian 

On FNC, correspondent David Mac Dougall told Greta Van Susteren how the news came in. He said:

“Down in our newsroom we’ve got people monitoring Al Arabiya, Al Iraqiya, Al Jazeera — all these Arab satellite channels — they, as you speculate, might have somebody actually at the execution as a witness. When that comes in, our Arabic speakers downstairs can instantly tell us what’s going on. They read the crawl on the bottom of the screen, they’re listening to the commentators.

And when Al Arabiya broke in with the news, one of the producers spoke into my ear, Saddam Hussein is dead. It sounds a little old-fashioned just to rely the news by word of mouth, just based on what we’re seeing on the TV, but it’s the first way we can bring the news direct.”