S.E. Cupp To Get New Nightly Show on HLN

By Chris Ariens 

S.E. Cupp, CNN political commentator and former co-host of Crossfire, is moving to HLN where she will host a new nightly show at 7 p.m. ET.

The show, expected to launch in June, will lead in to Ashleigh Banfield‘s 8 p.m. hour, reports Variety. Since its launch in October, Banfield’s program aired as an island around a sea of Forensic Files reruns.

HLN is also increasing its original series production at the expense Forensic Files, which takes up much of HLN’s evening and most of its weekends. “We are reducing the network’s reliance on a single series, however successful that series has been,” said HLN chief Ken Jautz.

Those shows include:

  • Beyond Reasonable Doubt: a crime series from the team behind CNN’s Finding Jesus. Coming June 2.
  • Something’s Killing Me: a medical mystery series. Coming July 21.
  • How It Really Happened with Hill Harper (second season): Coming Sept. 15
  • Inside Secret Places with Chris Cuomo: Coming Nov. 3

Even with the new original series, more than 70 hours of Forensic Files will still air weekly on HLN.