Russert as Obama, Stephanopoulos as Clinton

By SteveK 

Alessandra Stanley writes in today’s New York Times about the Sunday morning race, primarily between ABC’s This Week and NBC’s Meet the Press.

“Mr. Stephanopoulos’s program, ‘This Week,’ on ABC, is a little like Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, serious, hard-working and sometimes joyless, while Mr. Russert program, ‘Meet the Press,’ on NBC, has talent and panache, like Senator Barack Obama, but sometimes favors eloquence over substance,” she writes.

Stanley points out the differences in yesterday’s programs. As Russert interviewed a panel of strategists, Stephanopoulos, “dutifully but unmemorably interviewed Mrs. Clinton and Mitt Romney.”


As for Fox and CBS, Stanley differentiated between FNC’s “blatant, even blistering opinion” from the network’s Sunday show, Fox News Sunday which “relies on reporters, not former strategists.”

As for Face the Nation, which will change hosts next year after Bob Schieffer retires, Stanley writes, “Against all odds, CBS could turn out to be the network of hope.”