Rovell: “From Being the Geek at the Sports Network to the Cool Guy at the Business Network”

By SteveK 

Today on the Morning Media Menu we’re joined by CNBC’s Darren Rovell.

Rovell is the sports business reporter for CNBC. Prior to joining the financial news network in 2006, he worked for ESPN.

“My job doesn’t change,” says Rovell of the move. “I just went from being the geek at the sports network to the cool guy at the business network.”


We talk about some of the sports stories going mainstream recently — from steroids to how the economic crisis is affecting attendance. “I think it’s pretty unprecedented what’s going on with the A-Rod book and Selena Roberts within the industry,” says Rovell of the recent book featuring steroid allegations. “It’s probably been a book that has been more attacked within the media than I’ve ever really seen before. I don’t think it’s a vendetta against a vendetta against Selena, or jealousy, I think it’s a concern for journalism overall because of the call of unnamed sources on some stunning allegations.”

Also discussed: Hulu’s varying visitor numbers, a reason why business execs don’t want to sit behind home plate at the new Yankee stadium and What We Learned This Week (featuring Twitter guidelines). You can follow Rovell on Twitter here.

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