Rove Does His Best “Bubba” on O’Reilly

By SteveK 

Bill O’Reilly was joined by Karl Rove on the Factor last night, and the lengthy interview ended with an appeal by the host to get Sen. Hillary Clinton to come on his show.

O’Reilly, nothing if not resilient, asked Rove to call his “good friends,” the Clintons, and ask Hillary to come on “tomorrow.”

“I will send word that coming on the Factor is a good thing for her to do,” said Rove.


Rove also noted that Clinton had been appearing on Fox News more often, and O’Reilly had the reason. “That’s because she hates NBC. She hates them,” O’Reilly said.

But the real gem was at the end of the interview, as Rove got to show off his very own Bill Clinton impression. He may be “Bush’s Brain,” but his “Bubba” is dead-on.

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