Rooney & Safer In No Hurry To Retire

By Brian 

Mike Wallace is “retiring,” but the “next two eldest 60 Minute-men” have “no intention of going gentle into that night anytime soon,” Gail Shister reports.

“I won’t go unless they ask me to,” Andy Rooney says. “I don’t think they will. I still seem to be able to think of something to say.

Besides, Rooney added, “I don’t think I make enough money to concern them. Mike makes four times as much as I do…I think they’re pleased to get rid of his salary. They’re so conscious of money.”

Morley Safer says “I have no desire to put my feet up. Why would I? Find me something to do as challenging and fun as this, and I would go in a minute. I can’t think of it yet… but it probably will have nothing to do with this broadcast or with television.” It’s a great column…