Rome Hartman Reflects On His Time At CBS

By Brian 

Rome Hartman, the BBC’s “new news guru,” reflects on his tenure as EP of the CBS Evening News in this B&C interview:

  You were at CBS for a long time. At the end, you had a job that, because of Couric’s celebrity, put you under a microscope.

I have tremendous affection and respect for Katie and for Sean McManus [president, CBS News and CBS Sports] and all of my colleagues at CBS News. I worked there almost 25 years. I’m very proud of my time at the Evening News. What we were trying to do was take a broadcast that had a tremendous tradition and draw as many new people to that venerable broadcast as we could. That’s a really worthy goal. We didn’t execute it nearly as well as I wish we had. But we also didn’t screw it up the way some people seem to think we did.

Here’s the full Q&A…