Roland Martin on CNN Suspension: ‘You Deal With It and You Move On’

By Merrill Knox 

Today on, we ask CNN contributor Roland Martin “So What Do You Do?” From Twitter dust-ups, to diversity in newsrooms, to the ability of journalists to be objective, Martin doesn’t hold back:

Looking back, what are your thoughts now on your month-long suspension from CNN for your Super Bowl tweet about David Beckham?

First of all, my thoughts were the same then — I was cracking on soccer and that’s what I talked about. It happened, you deal with it and you move on. My deal is, if you spend significant amounts of time freaking out and going nuts, you’ll simply go crazy. My philosophy is very simple: You keep it moving.


Are you surprised by the lack of diversity on the Sunday morning news shows? Which minority talking heads should the networks be targeting for their programs?

I am not surprised about the lack of diversity on the mainstream Sunday morning talks shows, because the hosts of those shows, as well as the people that produce those shows, as well as the other staffers that produce those shows look the same as the guests they book. Look, this is something that’s not new. I’ve said it before. Also, those shows are stuck in a time warp. Those shows are all so locked in on what’s happening in Washington D.C., they don’t have the ability to understand or think about the rest of the country.

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