Robach Destined For Today’s 4th Hour?

By Brian 

Someone’s been touting MSNBC anchor Amy Robach lately, landing her two Page Six mentions last week. The items suggested that Robach could move into Campbell Brown or Meredith Vieira‘s chairs on The Today Show. Maybe she’s being groomed — starting with something that isn’t so high-profile.

Last week, Robach was seen on the 9am hour of Today with Natalie Morales. She has also been doing some news reading on MSNBC’s morning show-in-development this month.

And yesterday on MSNBC, she had an interesting exchange with guest Tom O’Neill on the subject of Rosie O’Donnell:

  O’NEILL: One of the options that she’s considering is being a real nice girl, not going up against The View, but going up against that last new hour of The Today Show.


O’NEILL: Wouldn’t you be pleased with that?

ROBACH: No comment!

Does O’Neill know something we don’t?…