Rita’s Promos Huff & Puff

By Brian 

TV critics are “ever-vigilant in search of stuff that had to be seen to be believed,” Ed Bark writes, and “Wednesday offered a two-bagger courtesy of Countdown With Keith Olbermann and Live and Direct With Rita Cosby.”

“Near the end of Countdown, a blaring MSNBC promo promised juicy tales of American Idol scandals on Live and Direct. ‘THE STORIES THEIR PRODUCERS DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW’ – that was the hook.

The sinker turned out to be Ms. Cosby’s dinky, worthless interview with Season 1 Idol co-host Brian Dunkleman, who left the show and now regrets it. MSNBC couldn’t even get his name right in its printed on-screen come-ons. First it was ‘Dunklemen Dishes Dirt On Season One of Idol.’ Then it was ‘Dunkleman Left Show To Pursue Acting Career.'”

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