Rita Cosby “Became Expendable” At FNC

By Brian 

Variety reaffirms Friday’s TVNewser item that MSNBC execs plan to put Rita Cosby at 11pm, but that the net’s updated primetime schedule hasn’t been set in stone yet. “Talks between Cosby and Fox snagged over Cosby’s desire to have a primetime show,” Michael Learmonth reports. A Fox rep says “she became expendable because she wanted a primetime show and we didn’t have a spot for her.”

> Update: 9:30am: Gail Shister has some of the inside baseball: “This was 110 percent my decision,” Cosby says. They offered me several contracts, and I chose not to accept them. I think they would have loved for me to stay. I know they’re disappointed I didn’t.”

> Update: 11:05am: “We had a right to match her contract and chose not to. That speaks for itself,” FNC spokesperson Irena Briganti says.