Rita Cosby At 11pm, Secaucus Speculates

By Brian 

In Secaucus, speculation is building that new MSNBC hire Rita Cosby will anchor the 11pm time slot. Rick Kaplan discussed the possibility in a staff meeting this afternoon, TVNewser has learned. Under the schedule, Countdown would stay at 8, Tucker Carlson would host at 9, Scarborough would stay at 10, and Rita would conclude the evening. Other Rita-related items:

> “Between Chris, Keith, Tucker, Joe and Rita, this is a pretty exciting lineup,” an MSNBC insider said today.

> “This move will require kid gloves if it is to work right. A lot of feathers could be ruffled by this,” Inside Cable News says.

> “She’ll be an internal nightmare at MSNBC,” an e-mailer says. “She will give the MSNBC lawyers ulcers…She goes too far and crosses the line way too many times.”

> Members of the Rita Cosby Fan Club are sad.