Revamped Squawk Box Launches Monday: “A Little Looser, Less Structured”

By Brian 

USA Today previews Monday’s overhaul of CNBC’s flagship morning show, Squawk Box.

The new tri-anchor format — including Joe Kernen, Becky Quick and Carl Quintanilla — “is designed, at least in part, to broaden the show’s scope — to add general news stories to the usual reports that appeal to investors,” the story says.

“We’re not just talking about stocks for three hours,” Quintanilla says. “It’s about issues. It’s about lifestyles. And it’s about politics.”

“They’re also counting on the ensemble to develop an engaging chemistry,” David Lieberman writes. “They’ll have more airtime as the show cuts back on the number of guest hosts. Producers say that they’ll hold out for big names, including CEOs and Cabinet officials.”

“We’re going to be a little looser, less structured,” Quick says. The goal is to “talk about the day’s events the way you do with people around the office (so it’s) more of a conversation than a monologue.”