A Return to the NewsHour for Robert MacNeil

By Alissa Krinsky 

For the first time since his retirement as co-anchor in 1995, Robert MacNeil will report a major series for the PBS NewsHour.

The six-part “Autism Now” will start tomorrow.  It’s described as “the most comprehensive look at the disorder and its impact that’s aired on American television in at least five years.” 

MacNeil has been prepping the series for more than one year. “It grew out of the fact that I have a six year-old grandson, who lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who’s on the autism spectrum,” MacNeil said in a preview chat with Hari Sreenivasan. “When I see how it has impaired his development, and his physical well-being, and the impact it’s had on his family…I just felt I had to do something about that.”

The series will be available online each day prior to airing during the broadcast.  Here’s Monday’s segment:

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