Return To Flight, Return To Earth

By Brian 

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> “America, you can exhale,” FNC anchor Jon Scott said at 8:13am ET. “The shuttle is back on solid earth in that nighttime landing, dramatic video really. It looked like a ghost ship flying out of the dark sky over the Pacific there as it landed at Edwards Air Force Base at 5:12 pacific time…Picture perfect landing…Amazing stuff.”

> CNN’s Miles O’Brien, 5:33am, Cape Canaveral: “Looks like I went to the wrong city.” Around 9:15am, he added: “It would have been nice to see the Discovery here, but more important, it’s nice to see the Discovery safe and sound.”

> NBC News consultant Jeff Gralnick blogged the shuttle landing while waiting for a plane at JFK. “There she is,” he wrote at 8:06am. “A single white dot in the shaky distance. Not the rain of fiery parts we saw two-and-half years ago. It is Touchdown – 6 minutes and breathing can resume.” (Midway through my flight to Texas, the pilot announced that the shuttle had landed safely.)

> Inside Cable News has some coverage comments…