Reporting on the Jakarta Blasts

By Chris Ariens 

CNN’s Larry King reported the AP news alert on the explosion at the Ritz-Carlton in Jakarta at 9:42pmET last night, followed at 9:56pm with a report about the second explosion at the JW Marriott. The story was covered on and off for the next two hours on AC360 and at midnight, CNN/U.S. began simulcasting CNN International.

Fox News reported the attacks at 10:13pm during “On the Record.” MSNBC reported the news at 12:35am this morning in a news update during a re-air of “Hardball.”

ABC’s Bob Woodruff, who is on a reporting trip to Iraq and Afghanistan, stayed at one of the bombed hotels earlier this month. From Kandahar today he writes on the World Newser blog, “Two weeks ago we were in Indonesia shooting a story on deforestation. While we were passing through Jakarta on our way to Sumatra, we stayed one night at that JW Marriott — the same hotel that was attacked today.”