Report: Tucker Carlson Raising Money to Launch New Media Company

By Mark Mwachiro 

Tucker Carlson’s media ambitions seem to extend beyond the ten-minute monologues he occasionally posts on Twitter.

In a report from Puck’s Dylan Byers, Carlson is in the process of raising money so as to launch a new company. Carlson, the once-top rated cable news host who was ousted from Fox News on April 24, is doing all he can to stay relevant and top of mind within the conservative media space.

His Twitter show is the start of his post-Fox News ambitions, and according to Byers, many of his Tucker Carlson Tonight show team staff are set to join him in his new venture. This news comes after it was reported that the remaining former staff members are being let go when Fox News’ new primetime lineup comes into effect beginning Monday, July 17.


Two former Tucker Carlson Tonight producers were let go earlier in the month after going rogue and using a chyron to label President Joe Biden a “wannabe dictator.” The chyron aired as Biden and former president Donald Trump were both making remarks at the same time.

Carlson is currently in an advantageous position when it comes to raising capital for his new venture. As a result of the fractured and politicized media environment, he will be able to find potential suitors as there is a cluster of wealthy conservative investors who appreciate his viewpoints and would like to see him continue what he had been when he was at Fox News.

As for Fox News, it has lost a significant amount of viewers, many of whom who were Tucker Carlson loyalists. Yes, the network remains No. 1 in cable news, but compared to June 2022, Fox News is -31% in total primetime viewers and has shed more than half of its A25-54 demo audience. These heavy losses, particularly in total viewers, can be attributed to these Carlson loyalists who were unhappy with Fox News’s decision to let him go.

Should Carlson launch a new media venture, it is easy to see his fans flock to whatever he starts. Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly, and Glenn Beck did not have this type of loyal audience when they left Fox News, and it should worry Fox News.