Report: NBC News’ GOP Primary Debate Scheduled to Be Held in Miami in November

By A.J. Katz 

The third Republican presidential primary debate will reportedly be held in what’s now considered a hub of GOP politics: Florida.

According to a CNN report, Miami will serve as the host city for the third debate, scheduled to be held in early November.

NBC News and Salem Media are in talks to host the Miami debate, multiple sources told CNN. NBC News did not comment to TVNewser when asked about the report. CNN said it has reached out to Salem Media.


Fox News hosted the first GOP debate in Milwaukee in August. The second debate is scheduled to take place on September 27 at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, Calif., co-hosted by Fox Business and Univision.

Will former President Donald Trump, who has maintained a large lead in national and early-state Republican primary polls, participate in one of the upcoming debates? That remains the question hovering over these gatherings, as the fellow candidates go back and forth with each other in hopes of getting a bump in the polls and earning “top Trump alternative” status.

The 45th president skipped the first debate and recently told former Fox News-turned-SiriusXM host Megyn Kelly that while he would participate in general election debates with President Joe Biden, he probably won’t participate in the GOP primary debates.

“I don’t see it,” Trump told Kelly in an interview released Thursday. “Why would I do it?”