Report: Bill O’Reilly Takes Legal Action to Prevent Former Fox News Sexual Harassment Accuser From Appearing on The View

By A.J. Katz 

Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly reportedly took legal action to stop his former producer Andrea Mackris from going on The View to disclose her allegations that he sexually harassed her.

The Daily Beast reports that Mackris was supposed to make an appearance on the show today (Wednesday) to speak about her harassment lawsuit against O’Reilly back in 2004. However, on Tuesday night, O’Reilly’s lawyers obtained a restraining order to prevent her from appearing on the show, saying she “intends to further materially breach her legal obligations tomorrow morning, live on national television,” and her actions have already caused “significant irreparable harm” to O’Reilly.

Mackris disclosed her allegations against O’Reilly in an interview with The Daily Beast’s Diana Falzone (a former Fox Newser herself) last week where she described her allegations against O’Reilly when both were at Fox News.


O’Reilly offered Mackris $9 million to settle her lawsuit in ’04, though it required that she sign an NDA barring her from speaking out about her allegations against him.

By speaking to The Daily Beast, Mackris seemingly broke that NDA.

An ABC News spokesperson for The View told TVNewser, “We were notified late yesterday about a temporary restraining order issued by a court against Andrea Mackris.  We decided to postpone her interview pending further developments.   We look forward to welcoming her to The View at a later date.”