Remembering Russert: Notes From the Blogosphere

By SteveK 

• NBC News cameraman Jim Long, who has a very popular Twitter page, gives a glimpse at some behind-the-scenes discussion about NBC’s Washington bureau. “Been on conference calls to DC from London today. Jeff Zucker, Brian Williams, and Steve Capus talked about the future of DC bureau,” he writes.

• Keith Olbermann jumped into the comments section of The Daily Kos after he got off the air on Friday night. Last night he wrote this about Tim Russert:

For what it’s worth, he didn’t position himself publicly on this for obvious reasons, and we had had a very pleasant, very constructive ‘what can we do to keep our two styles from hurting each other’s broadcast, or the whole organization,’ conversation. But Tim Russert was as supportive of what I did as anybody else at NBC, and his role on the MSNBC election coverage was voluntary and enthusiastic.