Remembering Peter: Morning Papers

By Brian 

> Jacques Steinberg, New York Times: “It was a jarring departure for someone who for so long had been such a visible fixture in so many American homes each night.”

> Hal Boedeker, Orlando Sentinel: “To his duties, Jennings brought a sharp intelligence, a sophisticated manner and a palpable enthusiasm. He was the face of ABC News and a forceful presence behind the scenes as principal editor of World News Tonight.”

> Matea Gold, LA Times: ” During his four decades at ABC — especially his last 22 as anchor — Jennings developed a reputation for rigorous standards and a devotion to substantive stories, especially international affairs.”

> Patricia Sullivan, Washington Post: “His well-rounded tones, world-savvy air and matter-of-fact delivery led ‘World News Tonight’ to the top of the ratings for 11 of the past 20 years, even as all the networks lost huge numbers of viewers…”