Remembering Peter: “It Is With A Profound Sadness & A True Sorrow…”

By Brian 

The following is a transcript of the beginning of Sunday night’s ABC News special report:

“Good evening. From ABC News headquarters in New York, I’m Charles Gibson. And it is with a profound sadness and true sorrow that I report to you Peter Jennings has died, tonight, of lung cancer.

Peter died in his apartment here in New York. With him was his wife Kayce, his children Elizabeth and Christopher, his sister Sarah as also there. His family just a moment ago released a statement and I want to quote it.

“Peter died with his family around him, without pain and in peace. He knew he had lived a good life.” End quote.

Peter’s family’s strength, caring and love have sustained and comforted Peter over recent months. And with him as well were the prayers and the love and the great respect at all of us at ABC News who worked with Peter during his 41 years here.”