Remembering Peter: A Tribute Instead Of A Reunion At The Emmys

By Brian 

The Emmys saluted the careers of Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings and Dan Rather tonight.

“For nearly a quarter of a century three men in this country were anchors in more ways than one,” actor Alan Alda said. “At a time so many things in our country were changing, they were solid.”

After a taped tribute to the careers of the trio, Brokaw and Rather received a prolonged standing ovation from the audience. They both spoke about Jennings. “We had hoped he could be here tonight so that we could have a reunion tonight — a celebration,” Brokaw said. “He left us far too soon…with so much good work to do,” Rather added, according to the AP.

> Frazier Moore: “It still comes as something of a shock to say that word ‘we’ in the absence brought by Peter’s passing.”

> “Rather and Brokaw received the longest and loudest ovation of the night,” UPI says.

> Solvej Schou: “CBS cameras panned twice to network chief Leslie Moonves, who is trying to choose Rather’s successor.” Update: 10:21am: “When the cameras showed Les Moonves the second time, Julie Chen was clearly seen sitting next to him,” a tipster adds.